Quantum Technology Development

Quantum medical technology is an emerging science and technology produced by absorbing the latest achievements of natural sciences.

Its development prospects are very broad. It is based on knowledge of quantum physics, biomedicine, and Chinese Traditional Medicine (CTM), and uses the principles of quantum mechanics to analyze the human body. The micro-induced electromotive force changes in biological waves can predict and perceive the degree of disease and sub-health status of the human body, and gradually extend to quantum life sciences, quantum informatics, quantum pharmacodynamics, quantum therapeutics, and quantum health sciences in the field of medicine.

Quantum psychology, quantum genetics and many other fields, the invention and development of this quantum medical technology has strong vitality and immeasurable prospects and value and will surely promote the rapid development of preventive medicine in the 21st century.


WHO Global Health Topics

Primary Health Care:


Through comprehensive promotion, protection, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care throughout the life course, people’s health needs are met. Primary health care and public health functions are the core elements of comprehensive health services, and strategic priority is given to individuals and families. And important health care services for the population.

•Through evidence-based public policies and actions across all sectors, systematically addressing broader determinants of health issues

•Give individuals, families and communities the right to improve their own health as much as possible, so that they can become advocates of policies to promote and protect health and well-being, become codevelops of health and social services, and become carers of themselves and others.


Primary Health Care:


Environmental hygiene involves all physical, chemical, and biological factors other than individuals, as well as all related factors that affect behavior. It includes assessment and control of those environmental factors that may affect health, and aims to prevent diseases and create a healthy environment.


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