Since its establishment, the WFDP has formed several focus groups to identify problems and define objectives of to discuss and address specific thematic challenges that face the world. These groups have provided an effective mechanism to develop peace-oriented initiatives in all fields through teaching and training in developmental science, improve media literacy, strategic planning, campaigns and workshops. 

The WFDP achieves its objectives through applying a set of advanced disciplines across all fields. Ultimately, this should enable the organization, its branches and subsidiaries to adapt their performance and consider investment options. The updated list can be found at accredited centers for specialized research and study on a regular basis.

This can be executed in three ways, namely:

1.     By focusing on remote development and improving labour laws and regulations for the benefit of individuals, institutions and companies. This can be facilitated online without having to incur unnecessary expenses. 

2.     By designing and hosting collective activities that meet the beneficiaries’ needs.

3.     Through science-popularization and facilitating knowledge transfer from industry experts to beneficiaries, such as students, scholars and other target audience of researchers such as enthusiasts who are keen to add value to their own experience and develop competitive abilities for their individual projects.