WFDP Credentials

Credentials & Identification Material / All Official Travel On Behalf Of



Executive summary on official appointments for WFDP international organization:

On special official travel on behalf of our organization administrative affairs would issue several important credentials for personnel to identify themselves to authorities as they arrive on valid visa granted by consulate of sovereign governments as member state of the international community. WFDP officials are required & must have ID cards, Safe conduct, their Laissez-Passer with them along with valid National Passports & their personal national identifications card. All official travel must be declared & coordinated by executive office of WFDP administrative affairs (Laissez-Passers are only authorized on official travels only).

In keeping with new Global Security measures technologies & procedures in processing travel documents, the Organization introduces a Laissez-Passer (LP) with enhanced security features to its officials who maybe be required to travel on behalf of WFDP in diplomatic meetings with governments & officials of its affiliated member states or sum of introductory procedures for new member states joining its world body & in accordance with relevant WFDP standards & policy. We will register in compliant with the standards of the International Civil Aviation organization (ICAO), which holds governance responsibility for international travel documents. Arrival to any port of entry or Country without valid visa issued on your National Passport or WFDP documents together with official letter explaining motive or purpose of your travel to particular region will not be recognized as official or tolerated by WFDP, nor should you anticipated any special treatment by that sovereign country at the port of entry, another words; you must have letter, Valid National personal passport, WFDP identification along with your LP on all official travel on behalf of this world body.


WFDP Laissez-Passer (LP):

1- There are two series of Laissez-Passer (LP) issued by WFDP: Officials of organization with regular issued in sequence number. Laissez-Passer for officials of Specialized Works having serial numbers, prefixed with the Letter initials or acronyms (mean affiliate also to partners).

2- WFDP Laissez- Passer may also be issued to officials of certain related affiliations which have their own multilateral instrument conferring privileges and immunities, ncluding use of the Laissez-Passer, on the organizational affairs & its personnel. Laissez- Passer issued under the authority of such instruments may normally contain one or more inserts; identifying the holder as an official of such organ identifying the source and nature of the privileges or immunities the holder enjoys inthat capacity what so ever.

3- The General Agencies Conventions provide for the issuance of the Laissez-Passer as an official travel document. It identifies the bearer as an official of WFDP or related organ as Agency is issued for use only in connection with official travel, that is travel paid for or authorized by the respective international body. Visas may only be entered therein for such purposes on national passport or LP. Residence visas/permits should be placed in the official’s “national passports only”.

4 Please Note: Laissez-Passer does not replace national passport but complements it & both documents should always be carried together when on travel official reasons ONLY as international policy with IGO’s.



To be eligible & issued a Laissez-Passer, the applicant must be an “Official” of WFDP

or related organ of a specialized partner. A person is considered to be an “Official” of WFDP: if individual is given a Letter of appointment under organization staff regulations policy -or- is otherwise identified as such by the President for the purposes of his or her terms of agreement under the charter.

Officials are eligible to be issued a Laissez-Passer if the following conditions are met:

a. Applicants are stationed outside of their home country & WFDP has determined that a security condition exists (for special replacement procedures in such cases), or

b. Applicants are required to travel to perform their official duties with specific travel plans are attached to the application form or letter indicating the purpose of meeting.


Persons not entitled to a Laissez-Passer:

The following are some of the categories of persons employed by or affiliated with WFDP who are not normally entitled to receive a Laissez-Passer: Goodwill Ambassadors, Messengers of Peace, Consultants of fund Programs, experts, individual and institutional or contractors are normally not eligible. However, if they meet eligibility criteria as set out in policy, they may be issued an WFDP Four Page Certificate “ONLY”.