WFDP Affiliation System is Designed to achieve the international goals according to our standard

World Fund for Development and Planning has signed host country agreements and MOUs with several countries around the world which is aims to encourage investment on it . This milestone achievement has attracted several international organizations in the different sectors from business, startups, humanitarian, national security, regional trade, and political governance among others to submit their requests to affiliate and partner with WFDP.

The relationship WFDP has with several countries across the globe has drawn many companies, non-governmental organizations as well as inter-governmental organizations. The main objective of our affiliate program is to response to the requests from several agencies submitting their requests to be part of WFDP. The intent of this affiliation program is to allow agencies leverage on our already established partnerships with different countries and other agencies. World Fund for Development and Planning has signed contracts and agreements with pharmaceutical companies, Hydropower plants, Electric vehicle manufacturers, and Artificial intelligence innovators among other sectors. This diversity has given WFDP leverage in many sectors from, medicine, engineering, green energy, health, artificial intelligence, banking and finance, transport, and trade among others.

It is therefore important to note that we have a strict procedure of accepting affiliation with any institution. Institutions must be vetted through our legal department for accreditation before any decision is taken and therefore no step will be taken before legal team report is issued from department. The vetting process is the first step taken to consider any party for the affiliation program. WFDP is confident about the reputation it has built overtime evident through humanitarian projects we have done across the world coupled with partnerships with different nations around the world. We don’t take this for granted and therefore WDFP holds the right to accept or decline any organization’s request for affiliation.

The intent of this affiliation program is to enable institutions leverage on WFDP’s accreditation, partnerships, and presence in different nations as a gateway to assist the applying institution achieve it’s intended goals and enable the institution to engage acceptance among our member states and partners


The organization/Institution must be fully registered by the registration bureau from the country of its origin and a certified certificate of registration must be presented upon application. This applies to organizations and agencies that have signed host country agreements with different countries, a copy of host agreement must be submitted together with the articles of association to clearly verify the category in which the institution was registered.

 The goals and objectives of a particular institution must align with the values and ethics of WFDP and background survey will be conducted to ensure that the institution is not in support of any criminal activity. Even after an institution is granted an opportunity to affiliate with WFDP, and it so happens that there are some elements of criminality the affiliation will be terminated.

Any institution that wishes to be an affiliate of WFDP must have presence in at least one country and must be in existence for at least 2 years with outstanding results. A profile elaborating activities done by the institution has to be submitted to the WFDP project management office for vetting.

Other documents will include:

*Organization Profile or catalog depending on the nature of the institution.

*Passport copy and passport photo of institution head or representative of the applying institution.

* Request to join WFDP as an affiliate, Partner, written on the organization letterhead, signed, and stamped. Note: Partnership is for Intergovernmental organization or Government bodies.

*Organization Logo in high resolution.