Ghana United Nations Associations - GUNA Joined WFDP Affiliation Program


Ghana United Nations Associations - GUNA Joined WFDP Affiliation Program

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  • 19 Aug, 2022

According to the new strategy for World Fund for Development and Planning which aim to extend the existence of the organization on ground, WFDP has accepted the request from Ghana United Nations Associations-GUNA to be affiliated to WFDP . GUNA is legally established in Ghana formed in support of the UN charter and works for human development, promotion of peace and security. It has several activates across Ghana and other part of the world such as European nations and Asia Pacific.

The aim of the WFDP & Ghana United Nations Association is to initiate, coordinate and carry out activities aimed at:


  • Establish programs in Ghana under United Nations provision.
  • Organizational strengthening via human resource development.
  • Providing educational support programs for Members.
  • Awarding of Scholarship and any other assistance that may arise.


Generally, WFDP & GUNA look forward to work together on various projects such as Education, Peace & Security. This agreement of Collaboration was signed between Ambassador Ekramy El Zaghat, President - WFDP Official Representative to United Nations and Mr. Bishop Nathaniel Rudolph, Director of Administration for GUNA. This agreement was successful with special efforts of Prof.Dr.Dinesh Sabnis , Peace Envoy for WFDP .

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